Thursday, April 06, 2006

Three Things Thursday - Themed Edition

Three Hobbies: Reading: My first and longest hobby. I read to relax. It is not uncommon for me to read 2-3 hours every night. It is more than occasional that I end up staying up all night to complete a novel in one night. I carry a book with me always. I have been known to read when I walk and when I drive (at stoplights, etc.) Scrapbooking. Picked it up in 1998 and became a passion without stop until 2005 when I tried to switch to digital. I have switched back and still enjoy it, but with nowhere near the time investment or the passion I used to have. Blogging: Newest hobby, overtook the passion I used to have for scrapbooking. I now spend a minimum of 1-2 hours daily reading and posting. Most days much more. Friends and family have asked me when/how I have time for any/all of these. They do tend to be mutually exclusive. I don't read on nights I blog generally. Or if I do, its only an hour. I have never read/or blogged when I also scrapbook. And I don't watch TV more than 1-2 hours a week. I watch ANTM and AI. Sometimes a rerun of charmed while eating a fast food dinner. But after dinner, homework, bath - kiddo in bed - I blog, read or scrapbook from 7:30/8:00 - ten. I fit some in earlier in the evening in spurts, and the weekends constantly.


  • At 4/06/2006 12:11:00 PM, Blogger Wendi said…

    oh my goodness....finally another ANTM fan!! I used to rant/rave to KmurphyJ about the show until she up and disappeared.

    What do you think of Jade?! I cant stand her!!! I so wanted her to get booted last night! I liked the other girl.

  • At 4/07/2006 08:50:00 PM, Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said…

    I like to read and blog too! Two of my favorite hobbies.


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