Saturday, April 01, 2006

There is Something Wrong with this Picture.

The dog has taken to routinely sleeping on the foot of Emily's bed, instead of on the scooby doo sleeping bag on the floor of our room. At 3:05 am this morning, Zoe is face to face with me. One Woof. "Zoe, go outside -you can go outside without me, its OK." One LOUDER Woof. Ok. I speak a little dog. That means, I REALLY have to go, and you need to come. I get up and she barely waits for me as I cross the living room. One look back as she gets to the doggy door. "Go" I say. She does her business and quickly comes back in the house. Good dog. No playing in the mud :). But I am awake. I give the dog some fresh water and sit down to check email. In the past, Zoe would lay on my feet or in my lap on these occasional middle of the night trips. I look up, where is the dog? She went back to bed. Oh my.


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