Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saying Goodbye to the Jacaranda

Ever since spring began here in my new state, I have been looking for a night blooming Jasmine plant. The aromatic jasmine holds many memories for me of my childhood. I would really like to plant one by my front porch like we had when we lived on Keynote street in Long Beach. I have been told it is considered a "tropical" here and hard to find. But I have been pining for the Jacarandas. Nothing evokes a feeling of home like the Jacaranda canopy of Long Beach.

But as we were driving yesterday down route 11 through the beautiful western part of Virginia I think I might have fallen in love with a new tree to feel like home. Many people here adore the redbud

or the Cherry Blossom.

They pale in comparison to the Jacaranda for me.

But then, we saw the Dogwoods. The white flower of the dogwood is just gorgeous among the green rolling hills.

Perhaps it is because it looks a lot like Jasmine, or maybe a bit of Virginia is settling into this California girl.


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