Sunday, April 16, 2006

He is Risen Indeed

Happy Easter to anyone who may read this site. (It certainly is easier to post on this site, if not to upload photos. I may have to look into flikr again) It is 8 am Easter morning. Emily has found eggs and foraged through her basket. We will be going to the 9:30 service at our old church. We didn't make it up for sunrise. We will try the Lutheran church next week. But today is the day of all meaning in the faith. He is Risen! We are saved. Our penalty is paid, He is powerful over even death. I am thankful. And still feel a bit disconnected. Not just from divine intimacy, but the whole cultural holiday as well. I did the basket and stuff, but at the last minute sort of just throwing it together. Perhaps service, confession, hopefully communion will allow me to distance myself from hormonal and stressor feelings and participate with my LIVING! God. For a few smiles here are some quotes heard from the little miss Em this weekend, mostly this morning: "No Choices! - We are going to Church!" "I think this Easter Bunny is a girl" (upon finding underwear in her basket) "Stickers for Jesus!" (upon finding religious symbol stickers in her basket)


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