Friday, April 14, 2006


People liked the dragon quote I found and shared when I first went to work in this division: Do Not Mess with Dragons for you are crunchy and tasty with Ketchup. Well here we are two years later and this division is no more ; in true government style we are trying to reinvent ourselves. While I admire our commissioner a great deal and am pretty loyal to all she is trying to do, I am finding this division to be a pretty difficult place to be as I have risen in the buearocracy. So here is my new dragon quote: Fight the Dragon and you become the Dragon (from the Dan Millman novel I am listening to on my ipod - The Journey of Socrates, which I highly recommend btw). I wish I could get back to case work. As an aside, there are new posts on the other blog. But I guess I will stick around here. I am pretty bummed I lost my list of books read this year and there are still a few tweaks to get back, I haven't had the energy to get either blog where I want it. It is a strange sort of apathy.


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