Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Just some pieces of stuff that is going on: 1. Hubby recieved the final official government swearing in for all the interacting agencies that he has to be 'approved' by to fully do his job. We are proud of him and happy that this six months of 'processing' is over. (Is that vague enough?) 2. My Dad is home from the hospital and feeling in good humor. 3. I will have blog frog updates on the website by the end of the week. 4. Doggy is laying in my lap as I type. This still makes me feel all warm fuzzy inside. 5. I may be going to Portland, Maine for a week at the end of the month for work. There are many obstacles to work out to see if I can go, but I have been asked and feel that I can contribute something so I want to go. 6. My mom is coming on Saturday for a visit for a week, while I am in Baltimore. 7. March is the birthday month in my family. Both my grandma and Ben's grandma have birthdays on the 20th. My aunt and uncle (the ones we stayed with last July) have birthdays this month. Happy Birthday to all of them! 8. Emily has a big bruise on her chin from where she went to leap onto the couch/chaise and overshot and went head first over to the other side. We are thankful she didn't lose any teeth or bite her tongue or lip. I don't think she will let me post a photo :) 9. I am having dinner tonight with a friend from San Diego who is in town. We will be eating at an Asian Tapas restaurant in Dupont Circle. I am very excited to see this friend. I am having lunch with a former boss/colleague in Baltimore on Monday before my training starts and dinner the next night with a friend from the time I spent in Baltimore three years ago. I feel like I have quite the social life. 10. Ben and I have flip flopped schedules while he is in training this week. So I have the late shift at work and he has the early. Emily has expressed she prefers mom in the morning and Dad afterschool. Good thing as it looks like Ben will be going to the night shift after this training and that is exactly what she will have. We might make it through the rest of the school year without having daycare. We are still looking at summer day camp options. I found one I think I like at a Christian school in Manassas but am waiting for them to put out their packet.


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