Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Sunny Day good anywhere. I was adding allergies and the possible east coast stimuli to my pity party and thinking we wouldn't have the pleasures here that are available in San Diego. I was thinking about Friday night concerts at Trolley park with good friends, rides around the bay, and YMCA camp (I know there are Ys out here, but not like Mission Valley Y). But as the temps are in the 70's and the sky is as blue as any summer day could hope for, spring has sprung big time in Virginia. I was laying on the couch with all my sick ecoutraments (juice, tissue, blanket) and felt bad for Emily sitting inside doing homework. I told her to go put on a pair of shorts and flip flops and we would knock on the neighbor kids door to see if anyone wanted to play. I figured I could sit on the porch and be miserable as easy as I could on the couch. Well, it was a bit more miserable than the couch, seeing it is down right hot and that doesn't go well with achy, itchy, stuffy. But it was worth it. Em got some good old fashioned childhood play. The neighbor kids were already out in the park that faces our street. Two four year olds that play good enough for a six year old. In fact, they follow her so much she probably prefers it. Soon a couple of second grade boys showed up and joined in. They played in the grass and ran around. The only toys a red bouncy ball of Em's and a couple stuffed animals. I sat on the porch and the dog rolled around in the grass. When the kids came over to get some water for a bowl to mix with their 'recipes' of grass and sticks and what all else, I gave them each a bottled water. A little while later the moms chatting in the park sent Em over to see if she could have some MnMs. Good neighborhood play. If the summer is filled with Saturdays of unstructured play with the neighborhood kids, then chalk that one up for here. If I had felt better, as I am sure there will plenty of days that I do, I would have walked to one of the three playgrounds within the sight line with them to swing or slide.


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