Saturday, March 11, 2006

Friday Feast on Saturday and some blathering

Found on mistresninos Appetizer On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how intuitive do you think you are? 8. I am pretty intuitive. People think I am logical, but most of my decisions are based on relying on gut/instinct/emotion. It's why I can't play chess. Too much logic, not enough - from the gut. Soup What is your favorite kind of gum? Don't like gum really. But cool and minty flavors if I am going to chew some. Salad Name a CD you own that you would never get rid of. Otmar Liebert - Poets and Angels Main Course When was the last time you said something you didn't mean? Thursday. Dessert What is the sum of the numbers in your birthdate? (Example: 3 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 31) 37 Also my age this year. Sheila want to comment on that one? If you play, please leave me a comment so I/we can read your answers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On a side note, I haven't been in the blogosphere since Tuesday night because Wednesday I came down with the most horrible attack of what I guess is now being called allergies. Eyes so watery I couldn't see, ache like the flu, no energy, pounding head, so stuffed up that 3 prescription decongestants and a Claritin did absolutely nothing. Running nose even witht he congestion. Couldn't sleep till I added the Nyquil, restricted breathing. So I laid in bed drinking cranberry juice and blowing my nose till the skin nearly rubbed off it. This allergy, I was so cloudy headed I can't even remember the type the doctor told me, because I knew it wasnt' the kind that shows up allergy tests. Its not the pollen in the air kind, or come in contact with eggs kind. Its not even the vasimotor allergies that I thought it was in San Diego. This one also appears to trigger the arthritis in my joints. I am taking a Med-pol pak that appears to be the same thing they gave Ben for his back. She did say, though that this is possibly somewhat environmental since this flare up coincided with the first big day in allergy season out here in Virginia. I don't know how to reconcile that. Could it also be that it came on 24 hours after my big stress at work that had me so stressed that when I calmed down and focused on resolution, I could physically feel the body changes as I came down. Or is that just what made me susceptible? I am tired of being sick. I am tired of the increasing frequency, severity, and fluky 'side symptoms'. I hate that I now have a "daily regimen" of three different medications to take even during times of no symptoms. Ok, 'nuff of the pity party. Today, I still feel awful, but I need to mail blog frog on to the next person (still haven't posted my stuff - want to get that up before Blog frog arrives at next destination). I also need to go to grocery store and pick up mom at the airport. I need to try and rest. Big important meetings in Baltimore all next week, and a couple conference calls that I want to sound competent on in front of someone whose work I respect a great deal.


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