Friday, March 24, 2006


We have fever. And upset tummy. No vomiting..yet. Em came home from school and fell asleep on the couch. Not exactly normal, but not out of the ordinary. At dinner she ate about 4 bites of canteloupe. That is unusual. Normally she would eat a whole canteloupe. As we finished up Em says "Ms. Dozier said I didn't have a fever." Stop. Have you been feeling sick all day? Yes. She lays down on the couch while we clean up the table. I take her temperature. Oh well, at least it is the weekend and we don't have to do the who doesn't go to work thing tomorrow. Update: two jr. motrins, some juice and crackers later - we are at 100.4 - so maybe its just a generic virus and nothing more (I hope, I hope, I hope hope hope) (obscure movie quote - anyone guess it?)


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