Monday, February 20, 2006

Zoe Update

Zoe had her appointment this afternoon for the last in the series of her puppy shots. (last week) She now weights 23.5 lbs. That is a six lb gain in a month. The vet did say she doesn't expect her to get above 50 lbs. We had estimated 25-40 lbs, so we are not far off. We got the heart worm stuff, and have to go back for the tick and flea stuff before the first of the month. {Jan 16 - left/Dec 11- right) We scheduled the spay surgery for friday, April 7th. I like this vet. The clinic is clean and most of the staff is very knowledgeable. However I expect they over charge. I don't think it was necessary to charge us for an exam every month that we came in for vaccinations. But they did take time to answer our questions and give tips on training. So, $270 for the spaying, plus $25-50 for the 'deux' claw removal. Also, upcoming puppy costs are $119 for puppy obedience class - (oh how I miss Long Beach Parks and Rec $35 classes in the park), and the $5-$10 licensing fee depending on whether or not we register while she is 4 months and pay the $10 unspayed fee, or wait till she has the spaying and just pay the $5 spayed fee at six months. I am thinking I am just going to go ahead and register her now and get it done with. It's only $5 and goes to some county service or another that I probably benefit from. Then we will be into the bigger doggy bed and bigger crate expenditures. Hopefully though, by summer we will be done with the major puppy expenses.


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