Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Partially "It"

I have already done the second part of Gwen's meme tag. But not the first, so I will do that. Ten years ago: 1996 was another big year of change. In January and February we were living in Corona Del Mar and I was working on a thesis required of my Bachelor's degree. Ben was still working in the shipping industry. I had not yet begun working for the government and was working in the counseling department at Irvine Valley College. Ben and I were researching San Diego and Palm Springs as the two locations where schools were located that offered his program in Golf Management and a Masters in Career Counseling for me. In June of 2006 we moved back into my grandmother's house in Long Beach so I could be closer as I took some pre-reqs for my graduate school at CSULB. By December of 1996 we had both quit our jobs and moved to the Palm Springs area. Five Years Ago: Ben was working evening/nights while I worked shortened days so we could keep Emily out of daycare based on pediatrician recommendations and her health issues were greatly improved. Later in 2001, Ben would ultimately quit his job so this could be accomplished for a more extended period (we expected another six months, but ultimately it turned into almost two years because of my little adventure that took us to Baltimore) We began talking about leaving the desert but didn't know how that would be accomplished. We were past the worst of the pneumonia and fully enjoying the wonderfulness of toddlerhood. I was fully immersed in scrapbooking. One Year ago: Emily was half way through her year in a private christian school, something Ben and I thought we would never do, and loving it. I began participating in a bible study for parents of kids at this school and really started making friends. Work was going well for me, Ben was getting into his routine. I made the leap to a laptop, wireless internet and broadband, really solidifying my addiction to blogging. Ben had sent in a resume for this possibility on 'the other coast' but didn't think much would come of it. San Diego seemed to have it all for us. Yesterday: I worked 6 am-12 noon. Co-lead a nationwide conference call on my cell phone from home at 1 pm. Took Emily to Awana at 4:30 and got her vest as she passed her gateway completion. Actually got to start reading in Hebrews and was asleep before 10 pm. Hubby had to work 1/2 an extra shift, so he worked from 3pm-2am. I saw him for 15 minutes (1:30-1:45 pm) the whole day.


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