Monday, February 13, 2006

Curiosities of Doggy Sleep Habits

She sleeps all night in my bedroom. Each night she walks all the way around the bed and puts her paws up on the side of the bed to make sure each person is actually laying down with their eyes shut. If they are, and the lights are off, she walks over to the scooby doo sleeping bag and goes to sleep. If we are still, but the lights are on, then she lays under the bed. Or partially under the bed, with her hindquarters sticking out. When she needs to go to the bathroom, which is usually about 5 am, (but every once in awhile in the middle of the night too), she comes to the side of the bed and barks one time. If we ignore her, she walks to the bedroom door and scratches one time. We can't just open the door for her. She won't go downstairs by herself at night. She waits till you are down stairs then she comes and goes straight to the doggy door and out to do her business. We don't know if this is because she doesn't want to be away from us, if she wants the treat she gets when we see her get up on her own and go outside for potty. If we don't see her she doesn't get a treat, and perhaps she figures since she has to wake us up to be let out of the room she isn't going to miss an opportunity for us to watch her go out and therefore get the treat. I am thinking of keeping treats in the bedroom so she can still get one after coming back up and I don't have to get up. If Em and I go to bed at the same time, she sleeps on a blanket at the foot of Em's bed outside of my bedroom. I leave the bedroom door open in those cases. That way I can hear if she moves around and prevent any mischief. But for all her puppiness during the day - she is such a good dog at night. She ALWAYS stays by Em and when Ben gets home from work, she moves onto her scooby doo sleeping bag in the bedroom. We haven't been using the third floor much since my mom went back to California and Em convinced Daddy to bring her bed down to the second floor living area. But today I was up there putting some toys away and changing out books for bedtime reading. Zoe was with me. I opened a window to air out the upstairs as it smelled a bit stuffy. Zoe realized that the window in Em's room is the perfect height for her to look out of. It was so funny. She stayed up there even after we came down. And for this dog who is constantly at our feet, that is pretty unusual.


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