Saturday, January 14, 2006

Snippets of life with Puppy.

When I walk out to meet the school bus each day, I take the dog with me on her leash. She is learning to walk along, to not chew on the leash. Chewing is this pups obsession and compulsion. Thursday, she ran for the yellow wild flowers that line the entrance to our little community. She had one bright yellow one hanging out of her mouth as I longed to have brought my camera. Zoe saw a neighbor walking to get into his car and starting growling and posturing - pulling a bit on the leash. I laughed and said "You look really tough, Zo, with the flower in your mouth." It was as if she understood me; she spit the flower out and bristled up more at the young man now pulling away in his car. As we waited for the school bus to arrive, a couple other ladies approached the playground with lab sized dogs. They let the dogs sniff each other and one played fetch with a ball. Little Zoe cowered at my legs, pulled toward home and wimpered. These dogs were just too big. Em arrived and Zoe bounced with her characteristic Joy. Emily allowed a couple friends to pet the dog and Zoe was well behaved, if a little nervous. Friday as we repeated the daily walk to the bus stop, an older man with a fluffy little dog who was fully grown and a bit smaller than our rapidly growing pup approached. Zoe stood tall and straight, broadened her shoulders and straightened her tail. The deep grown was menacing. My loving pup who nuzzles in my neck was BMOC (big man on campus) today. It was so funny to see 24 hours later and the size of the other dog make such a difference. Again we attempt to encourage socialization by allowing the dogs to slowly approach on leash. Despite the continued posturing right up to the nose touch, Zoe was a well behaved little girl. The last day I was home from work with my weird virus affecting my hips and mobility, Ben and I decided we needed some basics from Walmart. I knew I couldn't go alone, let alone lift the water, soda and juice bottles. Ben didn't have to be at work for a few hours, so like an elderly couple who depend on each other to make up for aged infirmities -- we tootled to Walmart. Pup was put in the kitchen as the kitchen has the doggy door that leads to the back yard. The child safety gate locked her in. Food, toys, bed, and open crate all stood near. When we returned 90 minutes later, the safety gate was laying flat on the ground. Zoe was cowering under the cofee table in the family room as Ben entered. Uh oh.... As I entered a few paces behind she came in and greeted me. We searched the house. No bathroom accidents, no torn clothes or chewed shoes, no damage, no evidence of tantrums. One of her chew toys was sitting at the base of the stairs to the third floor, so we know she did roam. So now when we leave, the gate goes at the base of the stairs. She has free rain of entryway, living room and kitchen. She has about 2 hours between when Ben leaves for work and I get home from work. So far - no worries. We keep all the bedroom doors and the door to the laundry room closed, so really we don't need to put the gate up at all, but I guess it is just less sq footage to check when we get home. Oh, and some of these dog bones are really stinky. But they make for a happy pup who is less interested (but not completely uninterested) in chewing on me. Oh, and I am so happy to have puppy always laying by my side. Can't wait till she is big enough to lay across my feet on cold east coast winter evenings.


  • At 1/14/2006 07:58:00 PM, Blogger Gwen said…

    It sounds like your really enjoying your little Zoe! I'm so glad! She sounds like a sweetheart!


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