Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Small Blessings

Today has had its blessings. 1. I got a call out of the blue today at work that takes care of Em's plans for Easter Break in April. It will be fun for her, affordable, and safe for a Mom's standards. The unexpectedness of it feels like a little confirmation that my Monday 1:30-3:30 and Jan 23-27 issue will work out in time. Plus - how fun to have April already in place. 2. A Christmas present arrived in the mail today for Emily from her best friend in San Diego. The absolute cutest P.J.s that say "puppy love' on them. Two pups. Thank you SJ, DJ and VJ! We love 'em! 3. Even though I have done some complaining about my commute and have had some uncertainty about my job, it is a real blessing to have a job that understands illness and family; a job that has work where you 'own' it - with the trust, flexibility and commitment to get it done.


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