Saturday, January 14, 2006

A regular day

I woke up about 8 am this morning. As usual, Zoe was laying between us and watching for any signs of stirring. Zoe has taken to putting a paw on my arm about 6 am so she knows if I move. If I roll over and settle down, so does she. But if I move around and stretch as if I am going to get up, she moves up and begins snuggling at my neck. If it has been a long night and she really has to potty bad, she will move to the foot of the bed and wimper or groan. I got up, and carried Zoe down the stairs. Emily trailed with her blanky in hand. After the dog was relieved, fed and watered, and Em and I had both had our medicine and eaten - we sat down on the couch. Em had 'Noggin' (a great cartoon channel - all educational) on the TV. I am sitting with my book ("The Veritas Conflict") and Zoe had her 'chewie' and was settled on the couch between us. By about 10 am, we went upstairs to wake Dad (who stays up till all hours of Friday night playing Xbox), and get dressed. We headed out to Pet Smart. We needed more dog food (5 lbs a week this pup is eating) and it is an outing we can take the dog on. We looked at bigger collars and bought a personalized tag. Emily begged for a doggie T-Shirt for the pup and Daddy said absolutely not. Daddy looked at spiked collars and Mom said absolutely not. :) We basked in the glow of all the people who told us how cute our pup is and we got information of puppy obedience classes. We then headed home to drop off the pup and continue our Saturday. I scored well on my choice of Christmas presents for Ben this year (pajamas and light weight sweaters) and he wanted more sweaters like the two I got him as they serve well for days he is in plain clothes at work. So we went to the Fair Oaks Mall to have lunch and wander around. We tried the Bamboo Club for lunch - Asian Cuisine. The menu is supposed to represent cuisines from China, Japan, Mongolia and Malaysia. It was good, but more on the sweet side. I prefer more of a Thai or Vietnamese influence in Asian food. There are a few good end of season sales going on, which actually works on the east coast because while all the spring lines have come out, winter is not 'out of season'. It snowed today. So 70% off of winter clothes works well. Ben found three light weight sweaters for 70% off. He also got a new pair of shoes (the last time he bought shoes other than sneakers was 2002, so this was a good thing). Emily walked away with two sweaters from Talbot Kids at 70% off . While I shopped the deeply discounted racks Ben walked around with adorable appliqued jeans and gorgeous sweaters in Emily's sizes saying $49!!!! I don't even buy pants that cost $49!!!! LOL. We also found a spring skirt marked down and a couple T-shirts at the Children's Place. We came home to the pup sitting in the entry way and very happy to see us. We sat down to watch the second half of the RedSkins Game. As Ben got out the Chipotle Hummus and tortilla chips, Emily announced that "I am going with the Sea Hawks". I picked up the computer and started playing with templates. So, now the little one is fast asleep in bed, Ben is watching King Arthur and I am just finishing up playing with the blog. Dog is on the couch between us. Just an ordinary Saturday. Tomorrow: Church, Laundry and making a pot of Jambalaya for lunches for the week. If you feel like praying for us, I still need direction on what the Lord has in mind for Emily's after school plan for Monday's when she gets out early (I am covered for 1/16 and 1/30) and for all afternoons the week of Jan 23. Prayers that my eyes and ears would be open to his leading, that he would show His solution as quickly as His timing will allow.


  • At 1/15/2006 07:46:00 PM, Anonymous mrsfish said…

    I am going to post a comment on my own blog because I don't want the top line to say '0' all weekend when none y'all do blogs on the weekend!

    (I feel lame about it, but its buggin me - so oh well)

  • At 1/15/2006 08:00:00 PM, Anonymous Gwen said…

    testing to see if comments are coming in on your blog!


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