Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 The Year in Review

In 2005, Ben and Emily both met their resolutions. (to lose weight, and to go to Disneyland). I did not (no more fast food). But I began a healthier approach to food based on the USDA food pyramid that accomplishes more than just cutting out fast food. So, I guess all three of us can call it good. 2005 was a strange year for me personally. It was a year of leaving things, or tempering things, or abandoning things. I stopped scrapbooking. I meant to move to digital with my new camera. But it never sparked me like all that cutting and glueing and buying of trinkets. Who knew. When I was practically forced to do my first album, I said - "I am just not CRAFTY like that." That was 7 years ago. And until this year I never looked back. I miss it. This years album is a sorry little three ring notebook with a few digital pages and a couple certificates. Pretty sorry for as eventful a year as it was for the whole family. As mentioned below, I also stopped recording the books that I read. And for a month or so, I stopped blogging. I spent a winter with no outside programmed activites. That was a first since 1994 or so. Two days into 2006 I have picked up each of those things again. It feels good. January 2005 saw Ben and I sitting on our new couch, watching our new TV and playing on our new laptop where Ben looked up and said APD is hiring - in Washington DC - should I apply? Why not I said - who knows. We wondered about another baby? Or a dog? Who knows. God Knew. The day to day life was filled with Kindergarten issues of success and discipline in school, church plays, and lost teeth. By Spring, the cross country move was looking more likely and we were researching and making decisions. Summer was full of rich rewards. Good times with friends at amusement parks, summer camp and birthday parties. Three weeks with loved family members we hadn't spent much time with in recent years. Long sunny days and hope for things to come. The community of the blog was building and providing me with continuity as my life was beginning to change in ways I didn't even understand. The move was rougher than we anticipated on Emily, my mom, finances, schedules, jobs, and activities. But we made it through by hanging on to each other and the belief that this was in God's will. Emily is thriving in her public school classroom, enjoying school like never before, even as I struggle to keep up the richness of the spiritual education that she was blessed with at City Tree. The first snow, and snow days filled with play; mastering the skill of rollerskating (and remastering it for mom and dad), adding a loving and faithful dog to the family and acheiving career accomplishments have filled the Fall and Winter of 2005. While 2005 held personal internal challenges for each of us, as a family it was a good year with many blessings. 2006 already has a different feel, with different priorities. 2005 was full of major shifts. 2006 promises to be a year of small reshiftings and reprioritizing. Good things. Our Father in Heaven is Good and loves to give good gifts to his Children. Amen and Hallelujiah.


  • At 1/03/2006 12:13:00 PM, Blogger K Murphy J said…

    Such a year... If you really think about it, you've gone through more transition in one year than most people go through in a decade. Glad you're back to blogging more regularly. It's good to find your pace and just express. :) I know I need to do the same!

  • At 1/03/2006 12:44:00 PM, Blogger Sherry C said…

    Is Ben home for good finally? I hope so. Your pup is adorable. He and Em must be the best of friends.

    May you find peace and growth, along with a new definition of normalcy in 2006.


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