Friday, September 17, 2010

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Sunday, April 30, 2006


OK - Thanks for you patience everyone. I finally got the blogroll started over at wordpress. It's not done, but its there. I can't say I figured out how to make it work, but I know how to keep it going :) So, go ahead and change your links if you don't mind, MrsFish will now continue solely at Unless something unexpected happens, I won't post here anymore. I will leave it up for awhile (at least until I can get it printed out in color). But all new posts from May 1, 2006 forward will be at wordpress.

Stay Tuned

I am not trying to drive you nuts by posting different things on each blog. I still haven't figured out a couple of things on the wordpress site. But once I do figure out how to post my blogroll on that particular template, I think I will switch over. Then I also need to figure out how to get my flickr account activated (it keeps timing out on me at sign in - flickr has always taken huge amounts of time to load on my computer), and/or how to resize the photos so they are not so huge. But I like the cleaner look and feel of the wordpress blog. So, in the mean time please bare with me on the double posting. I will let you know when I make the break. On a happier note, we found the most wonderful trail today. Cub Run Stream. We walked for about an hour and a half and only covered a small portion of the interlocking trails that criss cross the stream. It is huge. You only see a small trail leading back off the highway. You would never know the lovely meadows, creaks, tree canopied trails that lie just a an explorer's step away. Next time I definately need to take my camera and a picnic. Once again, Zoe loved the water.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Opal Anniversary

Today is my 18th Wedding Anniversary. Ever since we married we have looked to this date as the one where we would say we had been married 1/2 our lives. This day finds us unable to do much celebrating with my beloved working an involuntary double shift. He will get home about 3pm and have to be back at work at 11pm. We didn't really plan any events because of the known night shift and various other reasons. But in our hearts we celebrate. So, my beloved, here are 18 things I love about you. One for every year I have been blessed to call you husband: 1. Your smile. It melts my heart. 2. You are the most loyal person I have ever met. 3. You are an incredible father. 4. You keep the sense of play in our family. 5. I feel safe when I am with you. 6. Together we take on adventures neither one of us would on our own. 7. Your desire to protect our family, community and nation. 8. You fix things, like the dryer, even when you have never worked on a dryer before. 9. You never stop hoping and dreaming, even in the face of dark realities. 10. Pinky holds 11. I have said it a million times, but your hand on the small of my back makes me feel loved and protected. 12. You bring the oddest little gifts and trinkets home as gifts and souvenirs (rubber bullets, railroad ties, etc.) 13. I love how you value the scrapbooks I have made. It shows your love of the family to me. 14. Your faithfulness. 15. You have introduced me to activities that I only did to be with you, but loved anyway - off road vehicles, camping on open land instead of AAA approved campgrounds, and now easy hiking :) 16. your silly songs. 17. the way your eyes say so much when you look over at me when we are both lisenting to Emily pontificate on her latest subject. 18. You are still my best friend, the one I long to turn to first in all things, and you reach to me first too when things are really good, really bad or just interesting. I love you darling, I always will. Happy 18th. The best is yet to come.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Favorite Foto(s) Friday

My Husband.... Goofing around with the Camera. A nicer photo is here

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Three Things Thursday

1. I submitted my blog to a review website and pretty much got crunched. The nicest thing said was boring mommy blogger not too bad. That's ok. It is a snarky site and proud of it and I knew that going in. I like reading their reviews and have found a few I like that way. I just signed up for the review sort of as a jumping on the bandwagon thing. I cringed a bit and then thought, well it is about what I expected.

2. I got info today that indicates I possibly might have something good happen with the job. Then Ben called and said some interesting possibilities opened up today at his work. The two opportunities would work against each other. Both would be pretty good for the family. I guess life isn't going to settle down any time soon. The good thing is Ben and I will have to be praying over this together.

3. I am falling in love with Centreville more and more each day of spring. There are SO many colors of green I never knew. I was reminded I need to get the Spring from the front porch photo and that will complete my four seasons.
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